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Edugrate is an eLearning ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) software for seamless transformation of content and course materials. Edugrate follows a methodology of ETL for most variety of rich content and course modules adhering to SCORM/IMS standards into any target eLearning software platform. Deviations from the standard will be addressed by the rules engine of the software. This is a visual software for eLearning content migration planning and execution, designed for intuitive use even by non-technical personnel. This software revolutionizes the course migration process without resorting to traditional manual approach. The software also helps to protect the "content asset" by having it future-proofed by allowing the users to store the mappings and transformation repository for future reuse.

Edugrate is a structured and efficient way to migrate content between eLearning platforms. eLearning modules including quizzes, assignments, discussions, chats can be migrated efficiently to target platforms, including structural changes using a transformation engine. Edugrate addresses the structural differences between the source and the target packages, ensuring compatibility of your course content across platforms, and hence the transformation.

Edugrate provides complete software independence and enables efficient transition to a Course Management System (CMS) that is better suited to the users' educational goals - such as providing enhanced learning experience or reaching and engaging wider audiences across all levels of education - from K-12 to higher education to professional training courses.

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